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Hotel Photography

Creating premium hotel photography for discerning clients, including property owners, agencies, hotel marketing companies, and national organisations, has allowed me to travel the world. In the realm of luxury hospitality, I've had the opportunity to photograph charming chalets in chic ski resorts, luxurious villas in popular high-end destinations, and upscale charter yachts in locations like Palma, Majorca, and the British Virgin Islands. To top it off, I've produced a good number of partnerships between hotels and tourist offices, enhancing the overall appeal of these stunning destinations.

  • pre- production planningĀ 
  • mood boards & visual references
  • styling & prop hire
  • OnlineĀ  live image selection
  • Expert retouchers
  • Drone pilot
  • smartphone photography workshops
Alpine roof tops in spring - pete webb photographer

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Styling & production design

Pre-production planning is one of the keys to a successful shoot. Styling and production design form part of the planning stage and using one of our team to professionally style the scenes can make one of the biggest differences.

In our initial production stages, we incorporate smart whiteboards designed for visual references and mood boards. These collaborative boards represent a modern evolution of traditional boards, which previously required manually cutting out images. They enable teams to work together effectively, validating the visual design process and generating creative ideas.

Visual References & Collaborative Moodboards

Drones & aerial imagery

There was a time when we used to hire helicopters, planes, microlights and cranes to get an aerial view of a hotel. I remember whizzing around a lake in the dawn light in Cancun trying to get a microlight aircraft to take off!

Not today! The drone is a standard piece of equipment which has made such a difference in the cost and time of producing aerial imagery. We need to get a few permissions signed off, but apart from that we are ready for lift off.

Smartphone photo & video workshops

We understand that you might not be able to hire us every week for premium content, and we know you need to step up your content creation to keep your marketing channels active. Ten years ago, we began helping hotels improve their own content.

You can learn from our team how to create your own images for social media. We have a workshop specifically designed for hotels to teach you how to produce better-quality and consistent pictures for your property regularly. This workshop is meant to enhance your regular content creation efforts to meet the demands of modern communication.

Smartphone Photography

Our workshop for learning how to produce better content for your brand.

Smartphone videography

This workshop is designed to improve the video content you make for your brand.

Content planning and production design

Our workshop is designed to help you plan content production for your hotel or hospitality business.

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Pete Webb Photographer
Brighton UK

T: +44 7770572204