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“30 years producing high quality imagery for brands”

Working closely with the production team at Merci we know how to spend your budget and deliver results. Well organised productions where all the details are covered and as a client you have the comfort of knowing the team has been organising shoot productions for many many years. This means a safe working environment where we you know we have thought of ‘it’, having done ‘it’ hundreds of times before.

Are you a brand looking to create high quality imagery ?

Do you want help in planning your channel delivery or creative ideas that engage?

Hotel and Tourism specific shoots ?

I can also help with content delivery and customer engagement tools.

Merci Visual LTD
Merci Visual LTD

Digital agency specialising in Content Production & Data Driven Delivery

Outdoor Photographer of the Year
Outdoor Photographer of the Year

Global photographic competition partnered with the Kendal Festival of Film and Literature.

Pipeline Projects
Pipeline Projects

Digital services outsourced to
my Team in Cape Town.


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Overseas Productions
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years experience

Premium Production by Merci.

Merci Visual LTD can provide high level production services incorporating Video and animation. I have run the team at Merci for 4 years and have a portfolio full of case studies.

International Outdoor Photographer of the Year.

In association with the Kendal Outdoor Festival. We are very proud to continue the legacy of Steve Watkins and take his passion of photography by continuing his Outdoor Photography Competition into a new era.

Struggling with your identity or using data in your business ?

I provide consultancy services to small and medium businesses as a creative director or CTO. I can help you upgrade what you look like to your customers and help bring in modern cloud based tools to remove manual processes in your business that consume your teams time.


Client Feedback

Highly invaluable
“Pete has consistently produced some fantastic content for the briefs that I have thrown his way. Over the years we have developed a very strong relationship and I know i could rely on him any any circumstance. The Quality of his work embraces the calm of his nature and I would highly recommend his talents and expertise.”
Jim Gilbert

Head of Creative at London Marathon Events

Thanks for asking

Frequently Asked

How do I setup my business for using data

The best advice when it comes to data flowing through a business is first to collect it where you want to use it and if you have multiple businesses under one parent, then collect it as business units and push it up the pyramid to the managers above. Think of how you do it with financial data to give yourself the best idea.

Can you explain Image licensing?

Photography remains the copyright of the photgrapher and is rarely sold. Images are therefore licensed, for a period, a global region and for the final media usage. For example, 1 year, Europe for Web and point fo sale. The day rate fee will include one set of image license rights.

How do I pay for your service?

A deposit will be needed to secure a booking and all invoices will need to be settled with 30 days. If you require longer to pay, just ask and we can factor your invoice for a small fee.

What is included in a days photography?

A days photography rate is the price for upto 8 hours of my time. Equipment and other staff will cost extra and another day at leaast will be required for the post production , file processing and colour grading of your images. Creative and clean up retouching is also an extra cost.

What is mapping a customer journey?

When you think in a customer centric manner its much easier to follow their journey through your business. First we discover who they are and where they are in the journey with your brand. We map the flow of them to the conversion point or sale, and build content to speak to them more personally all the way down the funnel from aquisition to conversion respecting if it’s thier first interaction with your brand or the fiftieth….

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