Pete Webb

Experienced travel and lifestyle photographer,
for clothing, travel and hotel brands.

Pete Webb Photographer portrait

About Me

I’ve been a photographer for over 30 years after managing to escape an office job programming computers! It took 8 years before I was trying to get the industry to accept digital photography as a pioneer, so back to the computers after-all!

I have been fortunate enough to shoot catalog and campaigns for global clothing brands as well as shoot over 750 hotels, luxury yachts and villas. I’ve enjoyed shooting for tourist offices around the world and throwing in the odd portrait here and there. I have the experience to deliver on your brand requirements and spend those budgets wisely.

Chasing the light

The seasons come and go, shooting clothing brands and luxury hotels or villas follow those seasons. Clothing is clearly defined into the Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter seasons where hotels and Villas can be visually at their best just out of peak tourism seasons. We try and follow the light to make striking images.